Can I just say how stupid it is that Blair is still bringing up the hotel incident over 2 years later? Especially after Chuck apologized and she forgave him! If she’s going to hold one mistake against him for the rest of his life, then I don’t want them back together ever again. They’ve turned Blair into one of those obnoxious Dair shippers that scream abuse all the time. I’m convinced that one of them is paying Safran to turn the show into a badly written Dair fanfiction.

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    I definitely agree that if Chuck and Blair get back together, the IP is something they would have to work through....
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    I really, really don’t agree. The hotel thing was a lot like cheating in a relationship and something like that is never...
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  7. blaireffinwaldorf said: The fact is that Shitfran loves Dan/DB so he doesn’t care about screwing over CB/C. And words that were said in the episode showed just how much he doesn’t seem to care about CB.